The First Ones

The First Ones are very much a mystery. The term actually refers to at least three different races that all lived during the Days of Thunder. As such, all ruins and remains found from that time are 100,000 years old at the least. While ruins and remains have been found, as well as a collection of art and tablets, there is not much known about who or what these races were. What gods did they worship? What kind of magic did they employ? What were their relationships with one another like? All that is known is guesswork based on some images found in different sets of ruins. It is known that some event known as the “Falling of the Stars” heralded the end of this time in history, but it comes from a translation of draconic, which is a language that is often rife with multiple meanings. Another translation of the same phrase is the “fall of heaven” or the “disgrace of the sky-fires.” There has not been anything found thus far that has allowed the mass translation of the ancient writings of the First Ones. The discovery of such would be of inestimable value to various learning centers and historians all over the known world.


Two of the races appear to have been saurian, judging from images left on walls and some surviving statuary. One race, resembling the modern-day lizardfolk, appeared to be more akin to bipedal, humanoid dinosaurs. The other race was more serpentine, resembling modern-day yuan-ti. It is speculated that these races either evolved into their modern counterparts or are somehow responsible for their creation. The third race appears to be more amphibian in nature, though still not mammalian. It is speculated to be a distant ancestor of the bullywug but there is nothing more than a visual link for this.


The First Ones

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