Lawful Good (LG)

Samsarra is associated with lions, her holy symbol being the profile of a golden, roaring lion. Clerics who venerate Samsarra have access to the War domain. Her churches often attract as many paladins as they do clerics. Her spheres of influence are hunting down and destroying evil, vigilance, and protection.

Her tenets are:

  • Do not wait for evil to act. If given the chance to gain momentum, the forces of evil are terrible to behold and exact a great toll on those who stand against them. Do not give them that chance. Be careful in your judgments, however. Punishing evil intent is just. Punishing evil thoughts is not.
  • Do not forget who we are protecting. If our actions do not benefit those around us, our actions are meaningless. The crusade is important, but the people we are to protect must come first.
  • Recall temperance. The righteous anger you bring to bare is powerful, but it can burn too brightly. Do not become so embroiled in your hunt that you see evil everywhere you look, including the faces of friends and family. That way lies madness.

Favored Weapon: Greatsword



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