The great bane of civilized societies everywhere, orcs are often synonymous with ruin, raids, and bloodshed for many. Thickly muscled and tall, these humanoids have somewhat porcine faces and tend to live in mountainous terrain. This most often brings them into conflicts with both dwarves and goblins. Orcish culture is martially-focused and generally the strongest orc around is the leader. The battle-rage of the orcs is legendary, as is their supposed bloodlust. Orcs often also have been known to employ lesser fiends, and other times are under the influence of more powerful ones.

Another creature, known as the orog, is often found among orcs, especially larger bands of them. Orogs are the results of pairing an orc with an ogre. They possess the brute strength of their ogre parent, as well as the cunning and ferocity of their orc one.

Despite their savage demeanor, orcs are adept crafters. Their aesthetic is often crude, but functional and their weapons look to be made in a way to inflict maximum damage. Orcs are also fond of supplementing their warbands with other creatures and it is not uncommon to find monsters such as owlbears (often trained, if badly), ogres, and even hill giants in the orcs’ midst.

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