A race of small, reptilian creatures, kobolds are crafty, cowardly, and dangerous in large numbers. When encountered alone or in smaller groups, kobolds tend to try staying away from larger creatures. When in larger numbers, however, their courage is bolstered and they have no qualms against attacking creatures as large as an ogre if there are enough kobolds to go around. They are adept at fighting in groups and will use their nimbleness to feint and dodge to create openings for their allies nearby.

Kobolds are a ubiquitous species and may be encountered virtually anywhere in the world. Part of this is due to the fact that kobolds revere dragons and are willing to make their homes in whatever climate the dragon they’ve chosen to venerate lives in. Not all tribes of kobolds are attached to a dragon. Most, in fact, are not. This does not prevent them from worshiping dragons from afar however, and the small creatures will uproot their entire warren if they find out about a dragon nearby.


A special breed of kobolds known as urds possess draconic wings that allow them to fly and harry enemies from above. Urds are seen as blessed by kobolds and as such are afforded special status within their warren.

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