Dwarf Classes


Dwarves can be of any class, but the cultural ideas of the various classes varies.

Barbarians. Dwarves make excellent barbarians due to their natural hardiness. Barbarians tend to find a thrill in battle that many dwarves feel, though not as keenly. As an extremely regimented society, individuals whogive in so wholly to their inhibitions, especially violent ones, can be off-putting. Dwarven barbarians are thus often held at arm’s length by their society at large.

Bards. While one doesn’t often think of dwarves as being bards, but there have been a number of them. They often wade into battle, axe in hand, chanting a dwarvish dirge.

Clerics. Dwarves have a long religious tradition that has seen a number of clerics from their race. They often devote themselves to Moradin, and this the domain of war, but many also venerate Iomandra and look into the prophecies of the deity, attempting to divine the locations of their lost kingdoms and find a way back to what surely will be their return to eminence.

Druids. Dwarven druids are rare. Druids are often associated with forests and, rather notably, dwarves don’t live in forested areas. Dwarven druids thus aren’t often found among their race. Those rare few that are are often curiosities even among their own people.

Fighters. If there were a class most common among the dwarves, it would be the fighter. Their natural endurance, resistance to poisons, and, of course, strong martial traditions all lend themselves to dwarves being well equipped to walk the fighter’s path. Those that excel rarely become eldritch knights, but battle masters and champions are common. Many dwarven leaders first led careers as fighters, and the idea of the dwarven warrior-king is so legendary it has transcended racial boundaries.

Monks. The structure of dwarvish society makes those who opt to follow the monastic traditions well prepared for such endeavors. The dwarves’ martial traditions focus on more utilitarian fighting and training than in the kind of spiritual and physical awareness that a monk tends to emphasize. There are currently no predominantly dwarven monasteries, so dwarves that wish to follow that path must leave their kin to do so. Those that return, however, are looked upon favorably for the discipline and ability they bring back.

Paladins. Another path where the legendary dwarven hardiness proves a boon, dwarves are not called to serve as paladins as often as are members of other races, but those that are serve with a fierce devotion that sees them often become pillars of their faith rivaling clerics.

Rangers. While rangers, like druids, are often associated with forests, dwarven rangers aren’t nearly as uncommon. They often serve as Underroad scouts and guides and can be terrifying combatants in the subterranean tunnels they become the masters of.

Rogues. Stealth is not a quality one often associates with the stocky, burly folk of the mountains, but those dwarves that follow the rogue’s path often eschew stealth in favor of being paired fighters, focusing on precise placement of strikes rather than slinking in the shadows (though some are capable).

Sorcerers. Dwarven sorcerers are exceedingly rare. For whatever reason, the magic that infuses the blood and awakens sorcery in other races is in rare supply in dwarven stock. Rarely a favored soul will be born in a hold, which is often met with some trepidation. Dragon blooded or wild magic sorcerers are all but unheard of. No doubt one’s presence among the dwarves would be considered an auspicious event.

Warlocks. Dwarven warlocks are often as not duergar. Hill and mountain dwarves rarely seek the kind of personal gain that fuels the pacts that drives many warlocks. Those that take this path are most often driven by some sense of desperation, being driven to their pact by some unthinkably dire circumstance.

Wizards. Many other races consider the idea of dwarven wizards foreign, if not ludicrous. That said, dwarves have a strong tradition of wizardry, and most commonly they are diviners that aid clerics in looking into prophecy and the destiny of their race.

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Dwarf Classes

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