A proud and old race, the dragonborn are a race of humanoid beings of draconic heritage. Individual dragonborn often have scale colorings that match a particular type of dragon, either of the chromatic colors (black, blue, green, red, or white) or the metallic colors (brass, bronze, copper, gold, or silver). Dragonborn also possess a breath weapon that is associated with their coloration. The dragonborn today are rather scarce. Following the Draco Wars, tensions flared between the dragonborn and the elves and dwarves, resulting in another grievous war that nearly destroyed the dragonborn people. They retreated from the world stage and went largely into seclusion. Some families were admitted to live among the other races, though by and large the dragonborn have kept to themselves. They formed into semi-nomadic settlements they refer to as “camps,” roaming around and living off of the land and trading occasionally with nearby towns or cities when possible. These camps have been kept small and largely mobile, though there are a few predominantly-dragonborn villages dotting the landscape in various parts of the world. As time has passed, old grudges have been forgotten or forgiven, at least in part, and dragonborn are largely free to visit or live in any city they may wish to. Exceptions to this of course exist, but they are rare.



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