Draco Wars

50,000 yrs ago

The Draco Wars heralded the end of the Reign of the Titans era. It saw the use of magic against draconic slavemasters to great effect, largely by elven and dwarven forces who had been taught the ways of magic by the dragons themselves, as well as the giants. The hubris of these larger races was largely their downfall. The giants had been laid low by the rebellion of the dwarves some centuries before. Combined with the continued assault by draconic forces, the giants largely retreated back into their various holds and fortresses, ceding their own defeat by their slaves and their rivals (something that they have not forgotten nor forgiven). This left the dragons to run rampant in some areas, though they were fought by the newly-liberated dwarven people. The dwarves aided the elves and dragonborn both in getting out from beneath the oppressive talons of their masters. To the dragons’ chagrin, their own magics were turned against them and finally the yolk of slavery was thrown off from the races of dwarves, elves, and dragonborn. Their numbers reduced, dragons too went into seclusion, thought their memories and the accompanying disdain for the smaller races has smoldered over the millennia.

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Draco Wars

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