Chaotic Neutral (CN)

Cypher is often called the Lord of Foxes or ruefully known as the god of thieves. Where her worship appears, so too will larceny and other forms of skullduggery. Cypher is also a god of luck and humor, however. Many jesters or bards claim they serve Cypher’s ends. Some even mean it. Cypher is associated with foxes, and his holy symbol is a stylized, smiling fox head. Clerics of Cypher may choose from either the Knowledge or Trickery domains.

The tenets of Cyper’s faith are:

  • Make your own luck. The Foxlord smiles upon those who make their own way through the world without needing to rely on anything more than their own wits to get where they mean to go. This does not mean you are expected to go it alone. Part of being cunning is knowing which allies to surround yourself with.
  • Enjoy the world and your place in it. Dourness and poor cheer do nothing to enrich your life. Cast them aside and be joyful. If you find yourself in dire straits, remember the first tentant.
  • Bring poetic justice where you can. Be creative in how you visit your payback, whether a clever retort or a grander gesture. Also be appreciative of other instances you see of this, even if you are the recipient. If that is true, they’ve only set your own bar that much higher.

Favored Weapon: Rapier



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