Borderlands Upbringing

The Borderlands region may not be recognized officially as a nation, and no one really says with pride that they are from there (with one rather notable exception), but that doesn’t mean that generations of people have not lived in this area natively. The people of the Borderlands are a rugged, largely pastoral people who have lived with concern between four much larger regional powers. They are very aware of their lack of influence at a larger, international scale and thus seek to stand out either in being incredibly versatile, or very dedicated to what they do.

Selecting this background confers the following:
Languages. Common and one other of your choice.
Skills. Choose either:

  • a) Any one skill of your choice to gain proficiency in.
  • b) Count proficiency twice for one skill in which you are proficient.
    Tool Proficiency. Choose one set of tools. You have proficiency with that toolset.


Borderlands Upbringing

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