Also commonly called eye tyrants, these beings consist of a fleshy orb that floats about 3 feet off the ground, has a large, central eye placed over a mouth of sharp teeth, and 10 eye-stalks that branch off of its body, each one capable of shooting a different magical beam, from a ray that saps the strength of its target, to bolts of lightning, to a beam that disintegrates what it hits. Beholders are very formidable foes. Thankfully they are also incredibly elitist towards others of their kind. It is exceedingly rare to find two beholders in one area, though a beholder may employ other “lesser” races of creature as lackeys.

Beholders are also a drain on reality around them. As such, the immediate area around a beholder’s lair changes due to reality itself shifting as a result of the monster’s presence.

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Thulantir Gourley