A deva found in the Baron's Seat in Astora. He has the title "WORLDBREAKER" carved into his chest in Infernal


Dariel is a deva that was found in Astora. He has been mentally broken down by some unknown influence, though it seems most likely it was the former baron of the city. Precisely how and why this was done is unknown, though Dariel himself has stated that he is to hasten the death of the world.

As part of his torture, Dariel has had the word “WORLDBREAKER” carved into his chest in infernal. He claims this as his new name now as well as his title.

Dariel’s capabilities are currently unknown.

It appears that Dariel has been conditioned to respond to being shackled and willingly allows himself to be put in irons.

Despite his stated desire to see the world destroyed, he does not seem to bear any hatred for mortals.


Thulantir Gourley