The World


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The world is a very old place. It features six continents. Complete maps of the world are speculative at best, though there are always rumors of a “complete” map of all the known world. Many of these feature continents that are in close proximity geographically, sometimes completely ignoring continents that are separated by an ocean from the map’s country of origin. Typically this is done out of ignorance.

The name of the world is not singular. It has many different names in different cultures. On the continent of Akova, the world is typically referred to by one of three names.

  • Ysera – an Elvish word. it can be translated as “Life-Bed” or “cradle,” though it is also used in regards to the world.
  • Gorraktoven – This is Dwarvish. It means “Living Gem” or sometimes “Gem of LIfe.” Unlike the above term, this word is only employed in regards to the world itself.
  • Raxyaenshii – Draconic. Like most of the Draconic language, this word has several different meanings depending upon its spoken inflection and sentence context. It is the word for “home,” “egg,” “birth,” and “place of origin,” but is also used to refer to the world.

Most scholars tend to pick one of these terms to use in reference to the world itself, which is a tip as to what sort of historical lens that given academic uses to write his or her discourse – elven, dwarven, or draconic. These discourses are not necessarily ones that were developed by those individual races (particularly in the case of draconic), but have taken those names due to the terminology used by groups of scholars that are taken from each of those respective languages.


The World

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