This is a list of some of the organizations active in the world.

Organizations differ in operation from region to region, or even from town to town in some areas. While united by common cause, many organizations have different “chapters” that operate in a given area, and each chapter will have a different leader and set of member expectations as well as regional reputation. Some organizations are limited to a single town, while others span the countryside, or even most of a continent. These organizations may be joined by the player characters. Membership in one is not necessary, nor does it exclude membership in another organization in most cases. There are occasional exceptions. Members of the Syndicate do not typically join more than that organization, at least not organizations devoted to upholding laws, given its own criminal nature. Members of the various organizations devoted to a single deity typically do not join those devoted to other deities, even if those deities get along. They may, however, become members of an organization that welcomes devotees of numerous faiths.

Knights of the Golden Lion
The Syndicate
Wolf Knights



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