Northbridge is the largest city in The Borderlands region. It is a central trading hub between the Akandi Empire, The Kingdom of Baltin, and the the Umberton Confederacy. Northbridge is home to thousands of people and is the most cosmopolitan city in the region (though it is dwarfed by larger cities in each of the nations around the Borderlands).

The city itself is contained almost entirely on the massive bridge that spans the Delsiim River. This massive bridge is of dwarven make, and still features a pair of stone sentinels at either end, enormous dwarven warriors in the dwarves’ geometric styling. A wide thoroughfare is maintained that runs as a central artery through the sprawling trade city, wide enough for four wagons to cross side-by-side. The city bustles at nearly all hours.

A warband of gnolls is keeping the city largely at bay, with the force situated on the southern bank of the Delsiim River. Somehow the gnolls are keeping any magical messages from leaving the city.

Northbridge features three active syndicates.



Thulantir Gourley