Knights of the Golden Lion

This is a holy order devoted to Samsarra. While the bulk of the order is made up of paladins and clerics, one does not need to be a member of those classes to join the order. The only requirements are the veneration of Samsarra and a willingness to uphold her ideals by standing against evil and vanquishing it when it appears.


The Knights of the Golden Lion have a well-defined ranking structure. Being at certain ranks belies a certain associated benefit, such as the ability to requisition gear and supplies. The rankings go from bottom to top as follows:

Rank 1: lion’s claw
Rank 2: lion’s fang
Rank 3: lion’s roar
Rank 4: Pridemaster (regional leader)

There could ostensibly be a fifth rank, though this is typically associated with Samsarra herself.


Knights of the Golden Lion

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