An overview of the history of the world.

The Days of Thunder was a time tens of thousands of years ago. It was the time of the First Ones. These were largely saurian peoples who ruled the land masses. Accounts vary as to what precisely these ancient, reptilian humanoids called themselves or how their societies were structured. Giant lizards also roamed the land, some of which live on today, albeit not in anything resembling the previous numbers.

The Reign of the Titans was a time after the Days of Thunder. The nature of the world had changed since that previous era which brought about the downfall of the various empires of the First Ones and gave way to kingdoms ruled over by giants and dragons, who made war upon one another. The smaller races largely attempted to stay out of the way of these warring tyrants, though many also served as slaves. This era was eventually brought to an end in an event known as the Draco Wars.

The Dawn of the Ancients is the era noted as the time following the newfound freedom on the part of races as a result of the Draco Wars. Dwarves and elves especially came to prominence and began to shape the world in terms of both geopolitical borders and to a lesser extent, land-shaping magics. Monstrous humanoid races such as goblins and orcs were also able to flourish in this time, finally free of the threat of giantkind or dragons. The vast kingdoms of the elves and the dwarves eventually fell to both external and internal conflicts, paving the way for the current era of time.

The Current Era is a time that comes out from under the shadow of elven and dwarven dominance and supremacy. This is an age for the “younger” races, such as humans, halflings, and gnomes, among others, to shine and take their turn at shaping the world. It is an age of wonder, discovery, recovery, and untapped potential.



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