In a time of ancient gods, war lords and kings a young girl, Zora, was born in a small village that few knew existed. As a young child the war lord Cortez attacked Zora’s village destroying everything in his path. After Cortez had left his destruction behind him the survivors picked up the shattered remains of their homes. It seemed as if all was to return to normal, all except Zora.

Zora made a promise that never again would she be the victim. She left her home to travel and survived off the gullibility of her victims blinded by her beauty. For years Zora traveled in the comforts of wealth until she met a man she could not swoon, Julius. Instead of seducing Julius out of his money and power, Zora herself was seduced. When Julius was finished with Zora he broke her legs and left her in the wilderness to die.

Zora did not die. Instead she was saved and trained to never be defeated by man again. Zora, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle was born. She herself became the war lord that she feared as a child.

Years past and Zora’s power and wealth grew. Her reputation was that of destruction, murder and deceit. She was unstoppable until her army turned on her.
After that Zora decided to devote her life to good. She will do what is right for the many no matter the cost. All she cares about is balancing the Karma of her past deeds.


Thulantir Elidawn