Snow of Astora


Half gnome female ranger

Long white hair with green eyes

Slightly freckled face with

A heavy gaze with a face that looks much younger than she actually is.

Snow of Astora Deep in the Northern forests of the country there is a magical city named Astora. To this day it is revered as one of the most technologically advanced cities in all of the world utilizing both magic and science . Years ago a There was an old Baron who had no heir to his position. There was no court in Astora only the Baron, his advisors, his militia and his servants. One day the Baron arrived to the city after a long trip from the South with his caravan and with him a very small girl. Smaller than most girls. In fact she was the smallest girl anyone in the city had ever seen. Many years past and soon the small girl was no longer so small, well figuratively at least although more than ten years had past the girl was no taller than a girl half her age. But what this girl lacked in stature she more than made up for with fast reflexes and wits. As time went on you would rarely see the Baron without the girl by his side. The people of Astora were always wary of foreigners. Even if they were brought into the city as children. Word quickly spread throughout the city that an attempt had been made on the Baron’s life and that the newly appointed captain of his personal guard had disposed of the assassin with relative ease in the middle of the night later that day the town criers would tell all about how Captain Snow of the South had saved the beloved Baron’s life. The town’s folk were puzzled asking who was Snow? Who was the captain of the guard? Why, The girl of course…

Soon it was a regular occurrence to hear news of an assassin being fed to the gators in the moat of the castle. It was said that there was a bounty on the Baron’s head. Some say that there were counts, baron’s and even kings from far away lands that wanted the Baron dead. But why?
It mattered not to the people because they knew the Baron was safe with his guard Snow of the South by his side.

It was nothing out of the ordinary for people to go missing in a city the size of Astora but recently there seemed to be an irregular amount of missing persons cases popping up all over the city. Old, young, rich, poor it had no pattern and a sense of fear and panic started to fill the city in the coming months. One day a man came to seek audience with The Baron angry, frantic and teary eyed. The man swore he had seen his daughter taken to the Baron’s castle. This man was wealthy and rich so he managed to gain access to the castle. Days went by and still the man did not surface from the castle. Rumors had spread that the Baron was conducting experiments on the people of the city. That he was trying to seek immortality and power through dark magic and science.

Months later there was an explosion of what appeared to be of eldritch origin in the underbelly of the Castle. Green and purple winds hissed through the city and creatures from another realm filled the city and terrorized the people of Astora. The Baron appeared floating above the castle with glowing eyes and a staff with what appeared to be a glowing skull. It seemed as though the Baron had been possessed by something or maybe gone mad. It was said that he spoke with 3 voices and in 3 tongues. In the midst of the chaos an army from a far away land had appeared at city gates led by Snow and they laid siege to the city in an effort to liberate it from the creations of the Baron.

The fight was long and many lives were lost but when the dust settled the man who had lost his daughter appeared among the people wretched and in tatters and addressed the city as follows, “ People of Astora, you are safe now. You can sleep at night knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. The darkness is gone and we can start rebuilding our lives. There are no words for the emptiness that I feel after the loss of my daughter and I’m sure you feel the same. But Astora is safe and so are her people and we will rebuild her to her former glory and know that there will never be a threat this evil within the city walls ever again. I know not of what god or gods you pray to but tonight we will all thank our gods for one person…Snow of Astora. For there is no one who has shown more love for her home than Snow. From this day forward no one shall speak of Snow of the East and nor shall the word foreigner be associated with her. She is Snow of Astora and she will forever be in our tales as a hero and a true native of this city.

No one has seen Snow since that day but there are always tales in the taverns about sightings of Snow of Astora and some even claim to have spoken with her. But no one has ever found out why she didn’t stay in Astora and lived out her days as a living idle and revered as a hero in her home city. Some say she wanted to seek a real challenge, some say she wanted to seek fortune and adventure. Some say she feels that she had broken an oath and was exiled from the city and some even say she was too broken hearted at the loss of The Baron. What we do know is that the darkness now has something to fear. And that thing is Snow of Astora.

Gourley’s answers
What does Snow want? She doesn’t know. She has a burden but its not about redemption for her. She witnessed her father figure get consumed by darkness. She is disgusted with those who seek more power even though they already possess plenty. Snow isn’t sure what she is looking for but she knows that she hasn’t found it.

What do I want for her? I want her to live, love and finally laugh. She was brought to the Baron for one purpose, to protect him. And she did. Now she has to find new meanings in life and she doesn’t really care for fanfair. I want her to see adventure and witness friendship. I want her to face gods in both the skies and under the earth. I want her to see the world. I want her to see towering cities and magical lands. Find evil in something that appeared good and find good in something that appeared evil. I want her to witness things that only true adventurers see and that the bards sing tales of and then I want her to do what she always does. Retire and enjoy life until another adventure calls her and the world needs her again.

Snow of Astora

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