Masso Kaltisz, the White Fox

Wealthy merchant's functionary by day, trickster vigilante by night


Masso Kaltisz has been in Northbridge for two months or so, and is an assistant to a wealthy Kotan merchant named Taka Riis, a reclusive but philanthropic man. Masso arrived in town along with his employer, and immediately began filing paperwork, forging alliances with other merchants, securing trade agreements, and other boring but highly lucrative pursuits on behalf of his employer.

Masso’s occupation as a merchant’s assistant is a fabrication, however. While he does, on occasion, meet with contacts on behalf of Taka Riis, he is free to choose when and how often. Taka Riis employs a handful of other such assistants, but Riis is a famously private individual—he doesn’t do public appearances, and he prefers to make deals through intermediaries.

Because Masso Kaltisz IS Taka Riis.

All of Taka Riis’ holdings only exist on paper, and while his money is real, is it not as liquid as it seems. Masso keeps the money moving, but doesn’t really spend it. He opens accounts in different banks, transfers funds, invests a small portion and then pulls it out again a month later, reinvests in something else, purchases stock from one shop and sells it to another at or near cost… all to maintain the illusion of Taka Riis, so that he remains free for his true purpose.

Masso’s true purpose for being in Northbridge, however, is as his alter ego, the White Fox. As an independent agent of the Grinning Foxes, the White Fox prowls Northbridge and the surrounding areas, righting injustices and working against the agents of the Empire in the area. Although affiliated with Hanzo’s Kotanese spies, the White Fox has no official tie to them—he doesn’t answer to Hanzo, but the two have had encounters in the past and, in general, have a cordial working relationship.


Masso Kaltisz, the White Fox

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