Grigs "The Immortal"

Barbarian/Fighter Hill Dwarf


Grigs is a man not really of legend but more of urban legend. He is infamous for his lack of punctuality and love of ale and other recreationals. Grigs chose to live the live of a mercenary for reasons that only he knows. A towering figure among the dwarf population Grigs stands at nearly 5’8 and is often mistaken for being a rather short and burly human until he encounters another dwarf…Not really wanting to interact with his Dwarven kin Grigs typically steers clear of Dwarven towns and social gathering points. It is rumored that Grigs may not completely be of Dwarven decent…

Grigs isn’t always successful on his missions or at least not right away. It is said that he got his name “The Immortal” by consistently coming back from missions as the only surviving member. He was once given the task to kill a griffin that nested upon one of the highest mountains in the world. Some time had passed only to have the bounty been long forgotten and Grigs to have been thought dead either by way of the mountain and it’s unforgiving trek to the top or by way of the griffin and its unforgiving griffiness. Several weeks later Grigs appears on one of the islands in the Kotan Republics carrying the griffin head and tossing it at the feet of the local city guard requesting payment. When the city guard asked what took so long to kill the griffin Grigs replied, " Have you climbed that mountain before?

…And it wasn’t killing the griffin. It was making sure that after he picked me up that we both didn’t fall to our deaths. Turns out that griffins are quite good at breaking your fall but really bad at letting you ride them down peacefully. So wheres my money and wheres the pub? I need a drink"

Grigs "The Immortal"

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