Necromancer and former leader of the Lindsfield Syndicate


Dorian is a master of many hats. He is the head of a profitable mercantile enterprise that deals primarily with gems and old artifacts, is the nominal head of a secret social club who’s members are interested in necromantic pursuits, and he is the leader of Lindsfield’s Syndicate. All of this keeps the man quite busy. Still, he makes ample time for it. Dorian is reputed to be a skilled wizard himself, as well as a shrewd negotiator and well-organized. He was hand-picked to be the leader of the Syndicate in Lindsfield and has done quite a lot to keep things running smoothly there.

UPDATE: Dorian’s role within the Syndicate is now in question. A coup by the Akandi Empire saw bandits start a disastrous shadow war with Dorian’s syndicate that led to imperial occupation of Lindsfield, with Dorian on the run. Lindsfield has since been liberated and Dorian has been recovered, but he is currently without a flock.

UPDATE 2: At the party’s behest, Dorian is now en route to Northbridge.


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