Dominic Barton

One With The Worm That Gnaws in the Night

Why I’m in the Area
  • Dominic is in the Borderlands because Whately’s journal has a passage stating that there is something of grave importance going on in the region in the coming months that Dominic is trying to stop
  • Dominic is interested in the banditry because he believes that they have something to do with the passage
  • I will always battle aberrant monsters
  • I will seek out new knowledge
Dominic’s Story

Up until now Dominic Barton has lived a sheltered life. He grew up in one of the many city-states of the Umberton Confederacy, living as an assistant to a researcher, astronomer, and wizard by the name of Adolphus Greench. What little social interactions he had were with his master, fellow assistants, or the small town at the base of the mountain he lived on that the academics would travel to on occasion.

While studying the cosmos, Greench requested Dominic to head to the library and gather up a specific text. In his search Dominic was unable to find the book (unbeknownst to him another assistant was reading it in a different part of the compound) and headed to the Restricted Area of the library to continue his search. While he was unable to find the text in question, he did come across what seemed to be a journal with the name “Archmage Mathias Whately” on the cover. He felt drawn to this book and cracked it open, revealing the rantings and ravings of a madman on the pages within. Some pages had bizarre, otherworldly symbols drawn on them, others were nonsense, and others seemed to be written in a language Dominic was not familiar with.

That first day he spent hours absorbed in the journal feeling as if he was always moments away from cracking what Whately had written. His master found him later, furious that he had been kept waiting for so long. Dominic was severely punished that evening, but he was able to hide away the journal and continue studying it.

After days of his own research, shirking his own chores and responsibilities, he finally came across a passage that made sense! With that he was slowly able to begin making sense out of other pages. In the journal he found not only strange prophecies, but also instructions on casting arcane magic! He began practicing in private, quickly mastering the few spells he was able to translate from the gibberish it was written in.

Dominic was sure that the journal was important, and when he brought it up to his master Greench was furious that Dominic had gone into the Restricted Library and found the book. He insisted that it was cursed, and had even attempted to destroy it himself, and had locked it away when he found that even magical fire had no effect on the tome. He demanded the book back, and Dominic refused. He was forced to flee the only home he had ever known, sure that the journal he had found was key in stopping something terrible from happening. The book gave prophecy and information from the point of view of someone trying to bring about something called “Cthulhu” and Dominic hoped that he could use this information to stop it. If only he could translate more…

What he knew was that something important was going on in the Borderlands, so he made his way there. He heard that there was a serious banditry issue in the region, and after consulting the journal he concluded that was likely what he needed to stop.


Personality Trait:
I’m convinced that people are always trying to steal my secrets.

The path to power and and self-improvement is through knowledge.

I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands.

Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization.

Dominic Barton

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