Dame Astra Garou

A wolf knight in service to Luna, encountered in Lindsfield.


Dame Astra is a member of the Wolf Knights and a paladin of Luna. She is of the rank of Moonwalker in the Borderlands chapter of the Wolf Knights, though she’s not the leader of, nor tied to the “pack” out of Northbridge. She is more of a “lone wolf,” one of a few active within the region.

Astra is a stoic warrior, much like the rest of the Wolf Knights are. She is not incapable of letting her guard down, though she rarely shows a softer side around those she doesn’t know. She is not often seen without her wolf-themed plate armor, with shield and battleaxe strapped to her as well.

Astra has bright blonde hair and fair skin and sports blue-gray eyes.

Dame Astra Garou

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