Amaranthe Mithirdrael

Traveling Princess of Duels and Ne'er-Do-Well


Amaranthe is a classically beautiful elven woman in the Spring of her life. She has long ebon hair, usually pulled back into a ponytail, which highlights her fine alabaster skin. She is slightly above average height of an elf woman and has a lithe, strong body sculpted by thousands of hours of swordplay. Amaranthe generally dresses in gaudy, audacious clothes and is rarely seen without her signature feathered hat, but she is able to make any and everything look extraordinary.

In combat Amaranthe fights with two blades. In her main hand (which can change from day to day due on her ambidexterity) Amaranthe wields the enchanted blade Night’s Caress, and in her offhand she uses Bloodthorn, an magical dagger which can drain the life from those she strikes.


Amaranthe Mithirdrael was the first child born to Orym and Tiriara Mithirdrael, the Akandi Prince of Whispers and Princess of the Hunt respectively. From an early age Amaranthe showed exceptional skill with a blade, earning the coveted title Princess of Duels when she came of age. She was selected by the Pale Rose Swordmaster to join their school and it is there that she spent her formative years.

Amaranthe considers the time at the School of the Pale Rose as some of the best, and worst, years of her life. She and another young Akandi noble, Tiberius the Prince of Order, were taken under the direct tutelage of Swordmaster Thessia as the top two students. The two young nobles enkindled both an deep competitiveness as well as an intense romance. The two were inseparable and over time were expected to marry. At the end of their training every student expected to see Tiberius named the Pale Champion, the top swordsman of the academy, as it was generally accepted that he was the most talented member of the school, although it was also well known that he was not the most upstanding swordsman. No one was more surprised than Amaranthe when she was handed the Champion’s emblem, a magically perfectly preserved white rose.. Tiberius became furious, interrupting the ceremony and storming away claiming that his earnings had been stolen. From that day forward he has never directly spoken to Amaranthe but often is found to be at the center of schemes formed against her interests.

After overcoming her despair at losing who she thought was the love of her life, the newly dubbed Swordmaster set off to explore the world beyond the school that had been her home for most of her life. As she traveled she always lived by her wit and skill with a blade, taking part in any number of pursuits. Throughout the years she has seen a number of different areas of Akova, and has visited each major nation at least once. She briefly took the seas as a privateer and, eventually, a pirate in the oceans surrounding the Kotan Republics. When she became bored with that she joined the Baltin military and enjoyed a colorful career before eventually being court martialed due to drunk and disorderly conduct, although it was rumored that it may have had more to do with an affair Amaranthe was having with her CO’s wife. On a whim she traveled with a caravan north through the Wilderlands to the city of Astora, and spent a few years there as a bravo, surviving based solely on her masterful swordplay. Other pursuits include acting as the personal champion of a wealthy Umberton noble, leading a team of second story men for a Syndicate in Khalid, joining a troupe of minstrels as they traveled the lands where she learned to play the fiddle, as well as briefly protecting a small Borderlands town as its Law Keeper.

During all of this time Amaranthe was plagued by two different aspects of her past. As a member of the Akandi nobility she is often beset by lower ranking Princes who desire to rise through the ranks by defeating her in a duel. Several times each year she will find herself in a formal duel that she is bound by honor to accept, even if she hates the politics involved and has not real interest in improving her own standing. But she has bested each challenger and over time has moved up to rank 22 in the standings.

Additionally Amaranthe must always deal with the machinations of Tiberius. After all of these years he has still not gotten over his jealousy and devotes much, if not all, of his time to interrupting Amaranthe’s. While she is not willing to admit that the usually dramatic ends to her varied careers are entirely Tiberius’ fault she can from time to time see his actions behind the scenes. She has no idea where he is but she knows that he has worked himself up through the ranks to rank 11 and is likely working on getting himself into the Quorum, and with that has agents and resources to spare to commit to interrupting Amaranthe’s life.

Recently Amaranthe has found herself in the Borderlands city of Northbridge after hiring on as a caravan guard from the North. Without any other current leads she has taken to the different inns and taverns of the city enjoying the best food, wine, whores, and fights the city has to offer.

Amaranthe Mithirdrael

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